VOA Special English – Science in the news V.2.1

VOA Special English – Development Reports V.2.1 has 41 lessons help you to practise learning english.Special English has become a very popular tool for teaching English, although it was not designed as a teaching program. The short sentences, limited vocabulary and slow pace of speaking make it easy to understand.  It succeeds in helping people learn English in a non-traditional way.  People around the world practice their listening and speaking skills by recording the programs and playing them repeatedly.  Internet users can also listen to programs on the Special English Web site while reading the text.  And they can receive scripts of features by e-mail.  In countries around the world, many English teachers require their students to listen to Special English. They praise it for the content of the programs and for improving their students’ ability to understand American English.  Universities, governments and private companies publish and broadcast Special English materials for use in English teaching. This software has 6 parts. You must download all then unzip them.




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